Anime Oasis is recruiting the following positions.

All staff positions are unpiad, including the convention chairman, but come with a number of other benefits such as:
Free shared hotel room space during the convention or a partial cash reimbruse for your own hotel room.
Free admission to the convention.
Free admission for a friend or family member.
Access to staff lounge, including food each day.

If you are interested in helping Anime Oasis evolve and grow, here are positions we are looking for. Many of these positions have changes versus previous years and current staff will also be applying for these new, revised positions.

Do not be afraid to apply for the position(s) you would like to do. Experience is great, but great ideas and energy to make things happen are also very highly considered.

To Apply, sent us at email at: with your name, position(s) that your are interested in, and why you would be good for those position(s).

Level 1

Vice Chairman (1 Position):
Convention Preparation: Meet with convention chairman and directors on a regular basis.
Provide input on the direction of the convention, changes to policy and guests/features for the coming event.

During the convention:
Provide direct assistance and support to the directors. Make high level decisions when the chairman is unavailable to do so.

Experience is NOT required. This position can be adapted to the skill sets of the selected person.

Level 2:

Director (3 Positions, 1 for each venue[Hotel, Arena, Boise Centre])

Convention Preparation: Meet with convention chairman and vice chairman on a regular basis. Plan all aspects of the assigned venue's activities, staffing and functions; including selection of operations staff that will direct report to this person. Responsible for convention room set up and operations.

During the convention:
Ensure that the assigned venue is operating as planned and correct problems as needed. Make limited high level decisions as outlined in the operations guide.
Experience is preferred. These positions will require a great deal of knowledge on all aspects of the convention taking place within the assigned venue.

Security Director (1 Position)
Convention Preparation: Meet with the convention chairman and vice chairman on a regular basis. Develop convention rules and guidelines. Create a security plan and schedule for security staff.

During the convention:
Will be the point of contact for all security issue that require escalation. Ensure that security coverage is adequate at all times.

Experience is preferred. This position will require a great deal of knowledge on all aspects of the convention and potential issues.

Level 3:

Registration Manager (1 Position)
Convention Preparation: Design rules and procedures for registration. Organize registration orders. Answer questions as needed about registration. Selection and scheduling of registration staff.

During the convention: Maintain coverage for registration. Handle questions and complaints.

Events Manager (1 Position)
Convention Preparation: Design content for existing events and develop new events. Selection and scheduling of Events staff.

During the convention: Run events as planned.

Guest Manager (1 Position)
Convention Preparation: Maintain contact with booked guests. Work with each venue director to ensure guest needs will be met and to prevent scheduling conflicts. Selection and scheduling of guest staff.

During the convention: Ensure guests needs are met and guests are directed based on scheduling

Artist Alley/Dealers Coordinator (1 Position)
Convention Preparation: Assist with the AA and Dealer's room layouts. Communication important information to Artist and Dealers after the sign up process.
During the convention: Provide AA/Dealers coverage during set up and breakdown times. Also providing coverage during much of the day. Answer questions and provide assistance as needed.

Tech Coordinator (1 Position)

Convention Preparation: Test Equip condition and plan all equipment needs for the convention. Learn and teach Tech staff how to use equipment on a high level. Selection and scheduling of tech staff.

During the convention: Set up all equipment before the convention and test before first scheduled use. Operate any equipment that has complex needs during the convention. Repair or replace any malfunctioning/broken equipment during the convention in a timely manner.

Cosplay Coordinator (1 Position)

Convention Preparation: Develop rules for all cosplay events, including operational instructions.

During the convention: Take charge of all cosplay events to ensure proper application of rules. Instruction events staff on needs during cosplay events.