Anime Oasis is recruiting the following positions.

All staff positions are unpiad, including the convention chairman, but come with a number of other benefits such as:
Free shared hotel room space during the convention or a partial cash reimbruse for your own hotel room.
Free admission to the convention.
Free admission for a friend or family member.
Access to staff lounge, including food each day.

If you are interested in helping Anime Oasis evolve and grow, here are positions we are looking for. Many of these positions have changes versus previous years and current staff will also be applying for these new, revised positions.

Do not be afraid to apply for the position(s) you would like to do. Experience is great, but great ideas and energy to make things happen are also very highly considered.

To Apply, sent us at email at: with your name, position(s) that your are interested in, and why you would be good for those position(s).

Level 3:

Registration Manager (1 Position)
Convention Preparation: Design rules and procedures for registration. Organize registration orders. Answer questions as needed about registration. Selection and scheduling of registration staff.

During the convention: Maintain coverage for registration. Handle questions and complaints.

Manga Library Coordinator (1 Position)

Convention Preparation: Develop rules/polices for the manga library, including bag check and ID check.

During the convention: Manage the Manga Library and staff. Inventory Manga at the end of each day/convention.

We are also looking for general staff to fill many positions to assist with events, guests, managing event rooms, and more. Please email us if you are interested and we can set you up.