Anime Oasis returns for a 20th year with Anime Oasis Revive.

There are significant changes coming to Anime Oasis.
Anime Oasis is neither a business nor a non-profit. It is, quite simply, a hobby.
To make Anime Oasis possible for years to come, while keeping it's core ideals, the following changes have been made:
The convention will now be in June and will be 3 days in length.
Only 3 Day tickets will be sold and there will be a limit of 1300 tickets for sale.

These changes will allow Anime Oasis to run a more focused event without any reduction in quality of guests and events.

The deadline to request refunds for Anime Oasis JUN!! tickets has passed. All outstanding tickets will be exchanged to Anime Oasis Revive tickets. This process will take some time and will be completed as time allows.