Anime Oasis Mascot Bio

In the 2016, a new character was introduced to the lore of Anime Oasis mascots.
Jun, age 6, was introduced as the daughter of the 1st Anime Oasis mascot, Safari-chan, and an average business manager.
Jun's birthday is May 22, 2010.
Jun is your average 10 year old... well... maybe not. Raised around conventions her whole life and by a former convention mascot; Jun is immature, but ready to tackle the job of mascot.
Taking over after Chiara's ten year run as mascot; Jun has an intense Chiara complex. While sometimes jealous of Chiara, Jun has great respect for her.
Jun enjoys anime, with her favorite being, "Tomoko Adventures: University Arc"

Jun is accompanied by a cat fairy named Nanase. Nanase is said to have possessed the hat worn by the 2nd Anime Oasis mascot, Nyoko
Jun and Nanase are illustrated exclusively by Jasmine Thomas. Nanase is based on concept art by Brittany Lindstorm from a previous Anime Oasis fan art contest

Previous Anime Oasis Mascots:
Safari-chan: Anime Oasis (2002) - Anime Oasis DX (2008); Nyoko: Anime Oasis Nana (2009); Chiara: Anime Oasis Saga (2010) - Anime Oasis (2019)

Previous Anime Oasis Sidekicks:
Poiger: Anime Oasis V (2006) - Anime Oasis DX (2007)**; Pikan: Anime Oasis Saga (2010) - Anime Oasis Shine (2016); Pikant: Anime Oasis Final (2011) - Anime Oasis Premium (2017)

**Poiger's inclusion as an official sidekick has been greatly debated by Anime Oasis scholars, having only appear twice (Anime Oasis V ad, and Anime Oasis DX T-Shirt). Poiger has been included in this list for completeness only.