In addition to a live performance, Nanahira will be available for autographs and Q/A sessions

Nanahira is a Japanese vocalist.

In 2008, she began regularly releasing vocal covers such as anime songs and vocaloid songs on video posting sites.
She has since preformed vocals on many original songs.

She has an impressive singing voice with a young and uniquely high pitch.
She excels at singing denpa and moe songs.

She has expanded the field of activities outside singing, such as voice acting of game characters, CD production and live event planning for her sponsored circle “Confetto”.
Since last year she has also been active abroad, including Switzerland.

A sample of her additional works:
Singing songs for arcade music games "beatmania IIDX" "SOUND VOLTEX"
Smartphone app “IDOLRISM” Arisu Kagami's character voice
The song “Ukakuf Kins” recorded in the app game “Deemo”

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